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Like many of us, I was raised by incredibly loving parents. My dad was 18 and my mom 16 when they married. By the ages of 23 and 21, they had four kids. I can't imaging how truly overwhelming that would be for them at that age. Add in that my father was beaten as a child and my mother was adopted and it is no wonder that my dad was filled with rage and my mom became an alcoholic. 

They wanted nothing but the best for me/us but since parenting and life in general are so stressful, like every parent, they made mistakes. How could they not?   None of us have ever been taught how to be a parent, how to have a relationship or how to deal with the difficult emotions that arise from

this lack of education and the stresses of the world.This has been the societal model for centuries. Additionally, society has continually promoted that we stuff, hide and ignore our pain not only from those around us but even ourselves. There has been a multi-generational fear and judgement programmed into society. Just my making that statement of fact makes many people very uncomfortable. If you find yourself having that reaction we want you to know...


None of us are bad or to blame. After all, none of us, nor our relatives can be blamed for something we have never been taught how to do or been given permission to address. 


As a result of this societal breakdown, my parents had no ability to teach me how to overcome the pain that arose from their well intentioned mistakes. 

Therefore, I myself struggled with multiple addictions, two divorces (one in which I was physically and verbally abused) a bankruptcy, I played two pro sports I see now I never wanted to play and finally, I spent 3 days holed up in my apartment trying to write a suicide note to my own children. I found I could write about the pain I was in but when I tried to justify my choice, I just couldn't. See, for more than 30 years, I have been reading, studying, going to seminars and working with counselors trying to get a handle on my own issues and pain. Therefore, every time I tried to write a sentence to justify my pending choice, I realized I knew too much about psychology and that there was no way I could take my life without completely transferring my pain to my children. 


A realization came over me. While I had learned a lot from some amazing people, here I am, contemplating taking my own life. Something is drastically missing in society and the personal development field. At that moment I went into my office and I wrote something else down...

"I want to come up with a revolutionary process that no one else has discovered that will fundamentally change society!" 


In 2017, I published Your Journey To Success. In my book, I have laid out the revolutionary process I discovered which explains what is keeping every person from the personal and professional success we all deserve. Or as I like to call it, "Our Greatness." 

I don't just explain "Why" things aren't working for each of us, I show you "How" to change it.   In 2018, I started The Greatness Movement. This has become the vehicle to fundamentally change society. The mission of The Greatness Movement is twofold!


The Greatness Movement Mission!

1- To give everyone the skills, tools and knowledge so that we can be Great parents, have Great relationships and be Great with our emotions and thus be The Greatest Version of Ourselves! 

2- As a result of having these new skills and tools, a new era of acceptance and permission will create an innate desire in us all to become experts in sharing, and overcoming our pain, thus transforming society.   

We accomplish this mission through several avenues. The book, Your Journey To Success, The podcast, The Greatness Movement which can be seen every Sunday night live at 7pm (AZ time)on my Youtube channel (just search for Kenny Weiss), my working with people individually and finally, The Greatness Groups. 

As with all successful movements, they are much bigger than just one individual. I may have been the one to start this, but my goal extends much farther than that. My purpose is to bring together like minded individuals who will pass along these skills and permission to their children and friends to make this much needed societal change! 

-Kenny Weiss

Questions?  Email us at: kenny@thegreatnessmovement.com

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