Greatness Group FAQ's

Here are some of the most common questions we receive:

How often do the groups meet?

Groups meet once a month for 12 months on selected Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s, and Thursday’s at 7 pm. See below for location details.

How much am I investing in myself?

Greatness Groups are $99 /month or you can prepay $899 and get 3 MONTHS FREE. 

It includes:

  1. Workbook materials at each monthly meeting

  2. Weekly interactions with your fellow group members

  3. Private Facebook Group, where members can grow and exchange thoughts

  4. Private small group setting so you get one on one attention

Where do we meet?

The Greatness Movement conference room located at 2221 W Baseline Rd, Ste #101 in Tempe, AZ 85238

How big are the groups?

The groups are small and private with around 6-10 people.

What happens if I miss a meeting?

Actually, you never miss a meeting. All groups are broadcast live inside your own private facebook group. In the event life gets in the way, your monthly workbook is e-mailed to you and you can watch that months broadcast at any time. 

How Much will my life improve if I join a group?

The average of all participants who completed the group have reported a 78% improvement in their personal lives and an 87% improvement in their careers

Why are The Greatness Group’s so different compared to other options? 


Most programs offer impersonal, large group, sales pitch heavy, 3 day weekend "adrenaline" events with marginal follow up. At The Greatness Movement, we understand that the brain and body are designed to adapt gradually to information and they require personalized 1 on 1 attention, connection and feedback to achieve true lasting results. That is why the groups are small and the program is spread out over 12 months so you can FULLY achieve your desired outcome. Finally, we offer insights, skills and tools that you can't find anywhere else.

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