See what others are saying about Coach Kenny Weiss and The Greatness Movement:


"I’ve embarked on the Greatness Movement with Kenny Weiss. It makes so much sense. Understanding myself is unlocking my own unique brilliance and it’s damn exhilarating! I had no idea how much pain I’ve carried with me."

Lynne C.

"From The Greatness groups, I've learned to say no. Loving myself, changing my self talk, realizing my pain I've covered up. Discovering who I am with no apologies."

Michelle C.

"Getting over my fear of sharing my feelings in a relationship. Speaking up on what I deserve & not settling!"

Marie L.

"I see how things have programmed me.  I have become aware of how my behaviors cause reactions, consequences and either keep me moving forward or sabotage me. I am way more thoughtful of how things affect all of us and that even though I may feel my reaction or feelings are completely justified, I am more thoughtful of what’s going on inside others and that they might be that way for a reason too. I try to look at how I am affecting them and the outcome of my actions. It has taught me to really work on programming positive successful thoughts. I have learned that I have to look at this a lot more, I need to keep at it to change things and that it’s not a you tube video fix . It’s a journey !!!! - THANK YOU KENNY!!  Isn’t it funny that during my best year ever I found “THE GREATNESS MOVEMENT”?  Life is wonderful!"

Dana B.

Questions?  Email us at: kenny@thegreatnessmovement.com

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